Mosaic for me, is a combination of materials with inherent beauty, the playing of light on the surfaces, and the creativity of the artist. This collecting together of thoughts and objects result in a complete work of art which can be meticulously planned or spontaneous; extravagant or restrained. Throughout history mosaics have endured as an art form because of a human fascination with this ordering of materials and ideas into a permanent form.

Alison Hepburn

I studied fine-art painting at St Albans and Exeter Colleges of Art. After graduating, I worked as an illustrator in London for ten years, working on commissions for books, national magazines, newspapers, and greeting cards. While working as an illustrator, my work developed a highly decorative style which led me into the world of mosaics and I have never looked back. I now create mosaics for private commissions and exhibitions both nationally and Internationally. My early work reflected my former career as an illustrator and featured mainly figurative work but over the last ten years much of my work is abstract which enables me to work more freely with the materials.

I also enjoy collaborating with other mosaic artists and have been part of group exhibitions in York Minster, Wakefield Art Gallery and the 2017 Hull City of Culture project amongst others.

I am a member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) and the northern group of BAMM

Exhibitions in 2017

  • Hundreds and Thousands Exhibition

    12th-23rd June | Rural Arts (The Courthouse) 4 Westgate, Thirsk YO7 1QS

    Professional mosaic artists Alison Hepburn, Sue Kershaw and Angela Ibbs join together in their latest mosaic exhibition 'Hundreds and Thousands'.
    The mosaics are inspired by a combination of nature and geometry and have been created from thousands of intricately hand-cut pieces of glass and ceramic.
    The materials used include traditional mosaic tiles from Italy and France, shards of teacups from Ganges clay, vintage crockery, stained glass, seashore glass from Palermo, gold leaf smalti, sicis glass and French porcelain.  
  • Fly to Freedom
    I am participating in BAMM North’s installation at Hull’s Paragon Station as part of the City of Culture 2017.

    A mural of over a hundred mosaic birds will be installed in the station in autumn . In amongst them will be these four by me.