Bluebirds, 2013

The blossom has been stylised using repeat circles and a very limited palette so that it stands out clearly and is in harmony with the blue of the birds. I have applied silver leaf to the underside of the transparent glass on the birds and a silver chain to give them an exotic and opulent look.

Bird song for Bow

Vitreous glass, stained glass, hand fused glass, opus romano and millefiori 2012 Exhibition in St Paul’s Bow London E3 4AR 35cm diameter

Pink Bird

From the series ‘St Albans birds’

Mystic Bird

Ink line work, stained glass, hand fused glass, vitreous tiles, metal details 29cmx24cm Made for an exhibition at Rural Arts Thirsk 2012

Cross Lane Hospital 1

Mosaic triptych for Day Centre for Scarborough Hospital Held in private collection

Blue Birds

Vitreous glass, stained glass, chinese tiles, cinca, millefiori and hand made polymer clay tiles

Green Bird

Hand made polymer clay tiles with faux metal finish, stained and vitreous glass, slumped glass, micro tiles, gold smalti and swarovski crystals 27cm x 23cm This mosaic was inspired by some metal embossed Art nouveau tiles that I saw as a teenager. Individually they were beautiful and quite simple but when put together the confident combination created a sense of …